Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marketing via Social Networking

I have recently been bitten by the social networking bug. I have been using Black Planet, sporadically, for the last ten years or more. It was one of the first sites I joined when I started using the Internet. The other site morphed into AOL Black Voices which is nothing like the the original site so I am no longer involved with that one. Lately I have joined Facebook and Tagged. These are fun and I have met a lot of wonderful people, one who directed me to Zen Zuu, a social network that pays members with revenues from advertisers for doing what you do on social networks. To earn this money members must log on at least 30 times in a month and invite friends to join. I was also introduced to Yuwie, another social networking site that pays it's members with a portion of advertising revenue. There is one more that I recently joined and although I haven't been involved long enough to make any money, they appear to be very serious. When you join, you sign up a debit card which is used to pay you. It's really quite neat. They are called I have also started my own social network on Ning called 101 Internet Marketing, which is free to join and network but does not pay it's members, it is a place for novices and pros alike to share information and expertise as well as their business opportunities to learn and promote from and to each other. These sites provide a couple of opportunities to generate income. 1. They will pay you (with the exception of Internet Marketing) , 2. you can build relationships and share your business with friends, and 3. You can purchase ad space and market yourself to the entire network. This is a win win situation. I really like this way of doing business. Not only do you make money but you have fun doing it and you build lasting growing relationships. Let' face it, most people would rather do business with someone they know and / or trust. If you haven't thought about using this medium, perhaps you should give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose? In this day and time, I think we should all be striving to find other income streams and this could very well be an easy and fun one to generate.

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Yahoo! Search Marketing

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs

Today, I want to tell you about a great organization for the home based entrepreneur.
If you are home based or would like to be, this is the organization you should join. They offer some great training, information and advice for our community. Here is their mission statement

International Associatation of Home Business Entrepreneurs' Mission Statement:

To empower home-based entrepreneurs, worldwide, with the information, tools, and resources to achieve maximum success.

To be the #1 advocate and champion for the home-business lifestyle.

To educate the public about the manifold ways that working from home can make the world a better place.

To make a difference.

The IAHBE is your single, timely source for the direction and advice you need to succeed as a home-business owner in today's ever-changing market. As an IAHBE member, you will have access to a constant flow of updated, timely content, training, tools, and vital resources you need for your home-based business. You will learn from recognized experts in the field of marketing and home business, discover the secrets of success through in-depth, exclusive articles available nowhere else, and benefit from tons of special offers, free monthly leads, and much, much more.

Here is just a sampling of the valuable tools and resources you now have at your hands as an IAHBE member:

* More than 500 (and growing) timely reports from world-recognized experts and exclusive articles on a wide variety of home-business topics and subjects that matter to you - you will not find this information anywhere else!

* Hours and hours of audio, video, podcasts, and more digital content from top home-business entrepreneurs.

* Free monthly downloads and business software for both Windows and Mac users.

* Dozens of exclusive reviews of new and popular books on getting started, self-improvement, success, marketing, and business capital from well-known business experts, entrepreneurs, and other successful people.

* Over 60 reviews (and growing) of the timesaving, sales-producing online tools you should be using for your business.

* Computer Q&As that provide you with monthly tips, advice, and easy how-to's for your computer and peripherals...

* Growing database of Marketing Tidbits on advertising your business & products.

* Freebies and money-saving special offers from marketing experts.

* Subscriptions to top business magazines, such as Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, and others. Each month features a new magazine (included with your membership!)

* Free best-selling books that cover the home-business landscape from A to Z. Each month features a new book.

* Access to the comprehensive IAHBE Online Resources directory for home-business owners. Whatever you are looking for online, you will find it here!

* Special sections specifically for Canadian, British, and Australian members or those entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses outside the U.S.

* Motivational Thought of the Day.

PLUS...Do not forget! Your IAHBE membership also includes the IntroPak, with over $1,000 in FREE BONUSES!

All IAHBE members can access the IntroPak from the IAHBE site. Your IntroPak comes complete with redeemable certificates for over $1,000 in FREE BONUSES. Note: A small shipping & handling fee required on some items.

As our Mission Statement above makes clear, we are here to empower YOU. Indeed, we want to be your partner in success...and we want to show the world just how incredible (and lucrative) working for yourself, from the comfort of your home, can be!

Not a member? Sign up for a 1-month trial...
Learn how to generate REAL PROFITS...and get over $1,000 in FREE bonuses to get you started! Contact your SFI Representative or contact IAHBE Support.

Best of all if you join Strong Futures Intl, the monthly $30.00 membership makes you an automatic Executive Affiliate, which makes you eligible for the following:


Everyone starts in SFI as an Affiliate.

Qualifications: Just sign!
Costs or fees: None required

As an Affiliate, you get:

o 30% commissions on all retail sales (which can be paid directly to your SFI Cash Card).

o A valuable spot in the SFI companywide Powerline for 30 days (your spot can be locked in by advancing to the rank of Executive Affiliate **see below). How valuable is your spot in the Powerline? See your Powerline Report HERE.

o Access to hundreds of exciting products and services you can promote and sell. SFI takes care of all orders, product shipments, and customer service for you at no cost.

o More than 20 FREE, personalized "Gateway" Websites you can use to market your products and/or the SFI business opportunity.

o Access to the SFI Affiliate Center featuring hundreds of free marketing aids, powerful business tools, and valuable training resources to help you start building a global money machine.


o ALL Affiliate benefits (listed above), PLUS...

o Ongoing income on everyone under you in the Powerline! As an EA, you will lock in your valuable position in the SFI companywide Powerline.

o A share of every sale and purchase from every SFI affiliate worldwide who joins SFI after you (see Executive Bonus)!

A guaranteed commission check every month!

o Double retail sale commissions, from 30% to 60%!

o Up to 200% Executive Match income..

o Up to 56% off on SFI's most popular products via wholesale pricing!

o You will be eligible for one FREE share of EyeEarn Co-op (a $35 value)-or two free shares with a standing order of 10 SVP or more. (IHABE membership)

o Commissions on SFI MERCHANT SERVICES activity generated by your personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs). Each time one of your PSAs participating

You can find out more about SFI here.

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