Sunday, January 4, 2009

Internet Marketing Using Social Networking Sites

Well, we have to face facts, and a fact is that social networking is a good tool for the Internet marketer. It allows you to brand yourself in whatever niche you desire. You basically sell yourself to others and once they believe that you are a real person and that you are honest they will trust you. It is also true that people do business with other people that they trust. This relationship is built up over time and never rushed but nurtured into a healthy business relationship with a dose of care and concern.
Many people lead with what they have to offer you and why it's the best thing since the can opener. The savvy marketer will offer friendship and friendly comments that add some value to the contact. Perhaps the person listed a hobby wood-working, and you know something about it, suggest a different technique or a new tool that might help them out. This conveys your openness and shows you paid attention to the information that they shared. Then when there is a opening you let them know what you do but never give a sales pitch. Example, I have an online gift store but I don't mention that until my new friend ask me about what I do or expresseses a need and then I tell them about a unique online store where they might find the perfect item for their occasion.
It's all in how you work it.
Here are some great networks to join, They offer friendship, networking, and more.

Internet Marketers Network

The Difference

There are other sites that I will share with you as we move along.
Here is wishing you all a prosperous week, God Bless

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