Sunday, June 21, 2009

The System Within

The System Within is a movement. It suggest that we search within ourselves for the answers to obtain what what we want for ourselves in this life. As an Internet Marketer, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people. Those who believe like I do, that the best way to help yourself is to help other people first. There are several people who come to mind, however today I will be introducing you to a young man who is definitely practicing what he preaches.
His name is Tariq Alexander. He is a young man who started as a model, to make some money while he was in college. He became very successful. He then threw his hat into the music industry and again was a success. Tariq then decided he wanted to make movies. He consulted his agent and business manager and was told that he would have to start over. He decided that he couldn't, nor did he want to do that. so, instead of starting over, he decide to do something totally against the grain. He decided to help others who wanted to break into the business. He did a 40 city tour looking for unknown talent. He took these people and teamed them with seasoned professionals and produced a wonderful movie called The System Within. From that one movie, the movement was born. It's been seven months and The System Within is currently the biggest networking organization in the world. Yes the world, it is totally INTERNATIONAL.
There is a social network component called TSWPLACE.COM it is totally free to join and participate. Come and start networking with a purpose. However, if you are really serious about your talent and want to be in the entertainment industry you can become a member in an organization that will help you by teaming you with those same seasoned professionals and assist you in building your business. This is not just for Actors, Singers, Dancers and the like. It is for any occupation can can be tied to the entertainment business. Hair Stylist, Truck Drivers, Photographers, Fashion Designers, Models, Producers, Mangers and the like. Visit This means you have to be serious. TSW world only helps talented people that are already making every effort to help themselves. Because you have to be committed, there is a finacial requirement, and there are three different levels of membership. And just like American Express - their are benefits to membership. I invite you to find out more. You can google Tariq Alexander, and visit TSWworld to find out just what types of benefits come with membership. I have presented you with the information, now it's up to you. How much do you believe in yourself?
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