Friday, August 14, 2009

The System Within

I can not say enough good things about this organization. They are truly about helping their members grow. This past week end I attended a training seminar at the TSW mansion in Atlanta Ga. A beautiful place, I might add.

The Topic was Create Your Digital Profile, seems simple enough, doesn't it? I thought I knew all about creating my profile and although a lot of it I do know and I am doing those things, but this seminar showed me that there is always something to be learned. I came away with some new avenues to explore. Some new and exciting ways to brand myself.

In addition to all that, I got to visit and network with some awesome people. All of them members of this unique organization. In fact, the presenter is also a TSW member. This is what it means to network with a purpose.

Thank you God for putting in the right place at the right time to meet the wonderful people of TSW.

This is the organization for anyone who wants to break into the entertainment industry, but it isn't just for actors, musicians and the like but for hair stylist, models, fashion designers, agents, producers, directors, artists, any profession can can be even remotely connected to the industry, including business owners.

If your interested in becoming a member, go to TSW Place and put up your free profile. Once you've done that and met some of the wonderful people there, Go to TSW World and sign up for a paid membership. You must be referred by a member and that's me so check it out for yourself and join us. The System Within, not just a movie, but a MOVEMENT!