Sunday, March 21, 2010

WDGP Radio

Hello everyone. I am the Station Manger and Programmer for WDGP radio. If you haven't yet had an opportunity to check us out, please visit us at WDGPI have always believed and shared that each of us has a path to follow and if we follow that path we can not fail. Since I have put that into practice, it has been an amazing journey. I started out as a blogtalk radio host and then went on to have a show on Internet Radio and from there to having my own 24 hour, 365 days a year Internet Radio Station.. It is so true that networking helps you get to where you want to go, even if your not exactly sure where that is. This is where the path comes in. All I really know is that I wanted to help people, because helping others is the real secret. I have always been taught from a child on ( and it has proven true time and time again ) that if you help others you really help yourself and doesn't it make the world a more beautiful place when help each other?I help the Independent Musial Artists, Author, Spoken Word Artists and Poet get the word out about themselves and their projects as well as the the business owner get the word out about their business, product or service. Ah, the satisfaction of know that I am helping so many others is sometimes overwhelming but it makes all my efforts worthwhile.On WDGP we play the best of Independent music from all genres including but not limited to Gospel, Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Neo-Soul, Old School, Pop, Top 40, Blues etc. WDGP will not be put into a box, if the music moves you it can be heard on WDGP Radio.The music and the interviews are done at no cost to the Artist. We are supported by donations (you can contribute to us through Paypal via link on our website.) and advertising. Advertising on WDGP is very affordable. We air your advertising spot of 30 - 60 seconds at a much more economical price then traditional radio or print media.If you are an Independent Artists with a project to be promoted you can go to our website and click on Submissions to find out how to get your project heard not just on WDGP, but many other Internet Radio stations.If you seek advertising, please contact us at advertising@wdgpradio.comI am looking forward to networking and assisted you in any way I can. Thanks for reading and please check out WDGP radio.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If I had Known....

If I had known the man in charge was a crook I would have never gotten involved with the company, even though it was built around a great idea.

Internet Marketing is just like any other business, in that there are unscrupulous people just waiting to pounce on the naive and unsuspecting. It has been my displeasure to be one of the unsuspecting. An idea was shared with me that was totally awesome, if only the people that were managing it weren't scumsucking vermin looking for a quick meal.

This is why I always say that you need to to research any opportunity your presented with, and then research some more, even then you can still get burned. If your lucky and you pay attention to details, maybe you'll only get scorched a little.

This was the case with me. As soon as I smelled something fowl, I decided to stop promoting the opportunity and write off my investment as a lost. The company still exists, I think and I made a lot of wonderful contacts that I'll cherish for a lifetime. (You must always look for the silver lining, right) I don't fault myself because you can never know what the future will hold and what will unfold. What I do know is that whatever is going on in a business, good or bad, it will come to light. Hosting 225x132

This is the major problem with MLM type businesses. I am glad I am going in another direction, still within the marketing arena but more closely tied to music and entertainment.

I have partnered with a great guy who has knowledge, expertise and most importantly, integrity. That man is Glenn Gordon of Glenn Gordon Publishing. I'll be talking more about him and what we're doing next week. Except I want to say that he is the catalyst I needed to get this thing off and running.

The whole point of this post is to let you know that difficulties and hardships will occur. It is all in how you deal with it, regroup and start over. As long as you have breath, you have a chance to get it right.

That's why my partner and I are taking the good idea, improving it and implementing it to the benefit of us and all who choose to join us.